The Roles and Duties of the Air Marshal in the Criminal Justice Field

The job of an Air Marshal is exciting and dangerous. It is not a job for those who are weak at the heart. If you are one of those who is forever bitten with wanderlust and want to see new destinations every day then this job is for you.

However, first let us understand the roles and responsibilities of an Air Marshal in the criminal justice field. The job of an Air Marshal is to take care of the law enforcement aspect of flying. The main responsibility of an Air Marshall is that they need to protect the crew and passengers from terrorist attacks.

Below are the basic rules and responsibilities of the Air Marshal:

1. Air Marshals needs to be able to masquerade as normal travelers and blend in with the crowd. This will enable them to take the terrorists by surprise lest there is an air attack.

2. In case of some emergencies or situations, Air Marshals can also carry arms on the plane and make arrests without a warrant. This will also need discretion and a logical analytical mind and keep cool in times of problems.

3. Air Marshals need to be detached from their families and friends at the time of their duty. Hence, they should keep minimum contact with their family. An Air Marshal can be assigned to duty in any part of the world and at any time.

4. Perhaps one of the most important qualities of an Air Marshal is that he should be an excellent shot. He should be able to take on the terrorists without harming the passengers or the aircraft. The Air marshals have access to some of the most sophisticated equipment and are some of the greatest shooters in their field.

5. The job of an Air Marshal is highly stressful and demanding. There are times when he or she might not be able to see his country or his people for ages. Hence, he should be able maintain his calm and composure in all situations.

6. The position of an Air Marshal requires people with exceptional judgment. He or she should be able to judge and summarize the situation and take appropriate action. His judgment capability is also required to thwart and foil terrorist attacks.

7. The Air Marshal needs to be in excellent shape. Since this position requires days of traveling and a vigilant eye, it is important that the Air Marshal should be in excellent physical shape.

8. Another important qualification for the position of an Air Marshal is that she should have great communication skills. Since Air Marshals need to take charge of the situation all the time, they should be great leaders and motivators. It’s also important for him to be a great negotiator and convincer in the times of stress or attacks.

The position of an Air Marshal requires excellent shape and form. This job requires an individual with a sharp eye and a good shot. It is a great paying job and involves a lot of travel. So, if you are an adventure enthusiast and love living on the edge, this is the job for you!

Before you run out and start looking for Air Marshal job, I encourage you to do more research on this career. You can do so by visiting websites which cover the profession in more detail.

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