The Role of the Forensic Nurse in the Criminal Justice Field

Forensic nursing is where nursing care meets criminal justice. It is specialty nursing. The nurses that embark in this specialty usually enjoy helping victims of crime. It can also involve investigating offenders of the said crime.

In other words, the forensic nurse has many roles or duties in the field of criminal justice. In this article, I look into the different roles a forensic nurse can perform when it comes to finding justice.

In no order of importance, they are:

1. One of the roles a forensic nurse can perform is the investigation of sexual assault. It is not enough to just make accusation of sexual assault. There must be evidence to back up the accusation. Otherwise, it may not hold up in court. Forensic nurses with their specialization will investigate to make sure there is evidence backing up the accusation. The evidence she or he gathers can then be used in the court of law to convict the offender.

2. Forensic nurses can perform the role of treating offenders that have mental disorder. Their job will be to assess and apply appropriate treatment to these offenders. The intent here will be to rehabilitate these kinds of offenders and try to alter the behavior that led to the offense.

3. Forensic nurses also play a role in the correctional system. The corrections have their share of violent offenders. Just as with the mental disorder offenders, these offenders also need rehabilitation. I don’t have to tell you the treatment to alter the behavior that led to their offense is for the overall benefit of society. If it can save one victim from these offenders, it is well worth it.

4. The forensic nurse can play the role of family counselor to the victim of crime and his or her family. Crime can be devastating to families. It takes the services of trained specialist, like a forensic nurse, to help them pull through it.

5. The forensic nurse can also play the role of family counselor to the offender and his or her family. Imagine being the family of someone that committed a despicable crime. Those that don’t have their bearing with them can lose it. A forensic nurse can help such family cope in this time of difficulty.

6. Forensic nurses can play the role of investigator when it comes to elder abuse. This is a growing area of concern in society. Families or elder care practitioners often face difficult situations. These difficult situations can lead to abuse for those that can’t handle it.

If elder abuse is suspected, a forensic nurse can be brought in to investigate. The investigation will involve examining the victim and documenting evidence. The evidence can then be used to prove abuse.

As you have seen, the roles of forensic nurses in the criminal justice field are many. I could list more, but I think you get the picture. If you are interested in the forensic nursing profession, I encourage you to do more reading online. You can do so by visiting websites that cover forensic nursing in detail.

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