Predator Reform Toward a Balanced Justice System

Current predator justice systems describe an unbalance of righteousness. In other words, whereas the predator and associated parties receive minimal punishment, the victim on the other hand develops life-long emotional and financial hardships. In addition as the predator smirks toward the justice system, many bewildered victims lie confused to a chaotic justice system. In addition since litigators derail justice and experts become ignored, instances of predator crimes will continue unless predator laws are modified toward prevention of predator activities. Hence the following changes are recommended toward predator reform, which attempts toward eradicating the predator problem. Furthermore, conditions are based upon the individual being guilty using existing legal methods. Highlights of changes are:

1. Increased mental and jail time where (age + years) > 110 years.
2. Penalties for monitors who ignore laws and create early release
3. Penalties for judges and prosecutors who ignore expert opinions
4. Confiscation of all predator’s assets
5. Confiscation of predator’s social security and other pension assets
6. Creation of a National Victims Fund
7. Establish predator retro-activity lengthening jail times
8. Penalties for predator associates including fines and jail times

For example:

Increased jail time: A mentally deranged individual or predator may not under stand crime acknowledgment. Therefore, the predator or mentally unstable individual, after one crime, must be secured in a predator facility, which will cure his mentally unstable condition. In essence no second legal chances are given toward predator monsters. Furthermore, being secured in a mental facility may be indefinite depending upon a doctor’s acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility. However, after a doctor has successfully acknowledged treatment of the unstable predator, can the predator be moved to jail facility to receive his proper jail time. In other words, a mentally unstable individual or predator may not understand the crime, however being unstable does not provide an excuse to commit a crime. In any event, the minimum term for sentencing after the predator is deemed fit for jail time is based on age after predator recovery and shall be (recovered_age + jail years) equal to and greater than 110. Thus, if the individual is 30 years old after mental-health treatment and verified mentally stable, then minimum sentencing will be 80 years using the formula provided.

For example, the recent predator incidents should not have occurred if the predator was locked in a predator or mental facility until “cured.” Afterwords, the predator can perform his jail time acknowledging fault to his actions. Unfortunately, not listening to expert testimony or specialists creates baffled justice. In addition, public opinion warrants remedies toward justice. Furthermore, since existing parole monitoring techniques are obsolete lacking acknowledgment or responsibility, then alternate long-term solutions require replacement from existing methods. Thus, life-long sentences for predators, who kidnap and molest under-aged children. Capital punishment for predators, who kidnap, molest, and kill underage children. Of course, a positive connection must be made through various DNA or other scientific methods, which connects the predator to the victim.

Assets: Predators will be spending many years behind prison walls without requiring use of acquired assets. Thus, predator’s assets will be confiscated and acquired funds will be transferred to a national victim’s organization. In addition any acquired social security benefits upon eligibility will be transferred to the victims fund until death of the predator. Thus, while predator’s assets are being confiscated, victims can draw from these funds to provide long-term mental health, stability, and other unforeseen future expenses to themselves and their required medical needs. In essence providing a balanced justice system where predators receive life-time sentencing whereas victims are eligible for lifetime financial support. Access to the National Victims Fund (NVF) should be through on-line or snail mail applications intended toward minimal victim’s burdens, which may be similar to filing an online claim form.

Legal: Current justice system is defective combined with derailed justice attorneys. In addition recommendations by experts are ignored creating limited predator punishment. A recommended 11 year sentenced was reduced to just six years. In essence justice was not served while the victim suffers. Therefore, predator legal representatives, whose predator created additional crimes and or ignored experts’ recommendation, will be fined and penalized if maximum predator justice was not established. In addition if the predator was placed in a mental institution prior to serving his or her recognized jail time, then predator repeat instances would not occur. Unfortunately, lack of responsibility for decisions can lead to further predator incidents.

Retroactive feature: Currently the parole board is overworked and understaffed. Thus, having an overworked and understaffed workforce creates problems for our society. On the other hand, having existing predators, which are wandering, are outside the jail system or not in a locked facility, and unknown to society should be re-entered into the jail system using the formula provided. In essence laws will be changed to protect the innocent. Furthermore, as other policies may change without notice, predator laws may change without predator notice. In any event, an argument might occur that a law is being changed after the crime and the new law is applied. Point being, common sense should rule where “Thou shall not molest children” is applied before or after a horrendous crime is committed. Furthermore, since Constitutionality may apply and the Constitution is based on GOD’s law, then retro activity should occur. Unfortunately, as stated by Diederich (2000), “The Constitution bars both state and federal legislatures from passing ex post facto laws” (p. 1). In essence challenges remain toward predator retro activity.

Family or associated child abuse organizations: Children are not born as predators. However, children through their upbringing and surrounding through family abuse develop into predators. In essence, parents or associates of children who through neglect and abuse create predators and should be held accountable for creating predators. In essence if the parents did not abuse the child, then the child does not become a predator. Abuse conditions may be starvation, isolation, excessive punishment, or any deemed abnormal condition. As stated by Hickey, Ph. D. (2010), “The early recognition of these signs can save a child from growing up an angry and isolated adult who turns to violence as a way to relieve his childhood pain.” In essence the predator is relieving his childhood pain through violence and prior neglect and uses violence toward recognition. Thus, associated adults who were parents to predators must pay through monetary and jail time sending messages of predator intolerance. Hence, through discovery, predator creators can be brought to justice.

Note: The above article was written in response to the Amber Dubois and Chelsea King slaying combined with using acquired educational training. In addition writing to the King family produced no results, thus hopefully King or Dubois family direction will be guided toward this site for enhanced justice system. In addition further references toward the aforementioned can be acquired from the author providing further insight toward justice. Contact email is


Hickey, E. Ph. D. (2010). Eric W. Hickey, Ph.D. Criminologist – Consultant. Retrieved March 18, 2010, from website

Diederich, B. R. (2000). Risking Retroactive Punishment: Modifications of the Supervised Release Statute and the Ex Post Facto Prohibition. Social Science Research Network. Retrieved March 20, 2010, from website

How Copyright Laws Fail Us When We Need Them Most

I used to worry about other people stealing my work. I do lots of different kinds of things so there is plenty to steal. In 35 years of being in business, I have produced plenty of exceptional photos, illustrations, graphic design, ads, websites, printed collateral material, logos, music and writing, to name just a few. And of course, I also have plenty of clients for all my competition to try to steal away from me as well. This is normal. If you are talented in any way, or in business of any kind, people steal from you.

What about copyright laws? Unless you want to waste lots of money hiring a lawyer to chase after every thief and take them to court only to get a judgement against them which they probably will never pay, what is the use? And that’s if you’re lucky. Most of the time in cases of Internet violation, you can never even locate the person responsible, let alone convict him of the crime. But it’s not money I’m after. If I were, why in heaven’s name would I be writing articles for Internet article directories who don’t pay for use of their articles? I write for such sites to get the benefit of linkbacks for my website and blog. What are linkbacks? They are a vital component of SEO (search engine optimization), as links back to my website from highly ranked, popular websites, which contributes to my achieving page one search results for my own website when appropriate keywords are searched on Google. It’s complicated but it works.

I recently was searching for some javascript code I could use to do something clever on my website. When I found what I wanted to adapt, I checked to see what the terms of use were. The writer of the code very humbly asked for a mere $5 if you wanted to remove his name from the invisible credits that would only appear where other code seekers would see it. Otherwise, it was free. How can you not respect a request like that? I happily left his name even though I needed to spend many hours tweaking the code to work in my situation but felt a certain kinship with this skilled individual that engendered the utmost in admiration and obedience. I treat others the way I wish to be treated myself.

It certainly was upsetting when I first realized that my articles were being used improperly and published as if written by someone on the website where I happened to find them. I checked the usage policies of the article websites to which I had submitted my articles which stated that it was required that articles be published with a signature line (meaning, author’s name) along with a link to the author’s website.

After reading that, I thought, “Oh, great! Maybe they will help me enforce their policies.” But after further reading I quickly learned that it was my responsibility to do any policework, notifying offenders of what they so innocently had overlooked. Once such violations are brought to light, these well-meaning publishers will be eager to correct their ways. Ha! That’s a laugh!

Not only do these offending websites have no way to contact anyone, they are enshrouded in secrecy by unknown hosts who ironically invite you to “report abuse,” only to inform you that they cannot accept responsibility for any individual blog publisher’s offenses. If you want to try posting a comment to communicate the violation, you usually need to register and log in, divulging all your own personal information, so your comment will ultimately get picked up by Google associated with a less-than-reputable website in some future search that will follow you to your grave. (Is this where we’re headed, as members of this Google-dominated culture we live in?)

As I was searching the title of my article which is how I discovered the stolen usages, I saw something else which made me realize what a tangled web we weave on the Internet. One instance of my article used my title verbatim, but what followed in the body of the article was what appeared to be an error-ridden, broken-English, horrendous translation from some other language, which suggested that this article had gone full circle. I imagined someone publishing my English-language article in say, Chinese, for example, and someone translating it back into English to use it on the website where I found it. Let’s just say I wasn’t a bit unhappy about the lack of attribution in this situation!

But this is sad… a very sad state of affairs, wouldn’t you agree? Or isn’t it, rather, “Wake up and smell the coffee! This is reality, so get over it”? Hence, my resignation. As a person with wavering self-esteem to begin with, I accept having someone pirate my work to call his own in the same way I accept someone cutting me off in traffic, or cutting ahead of me in line at the grocery store. It’s gotten to be so commonplace that what else can you do but just shrug your shoulders about it? Sure, you could make a scene but ironically in today’s society, you would be running the risk of getting arrested for breach of peace and instigating a public disturbance. That would be a perfect example of today’s justice. No thanks. I’d rather just look the other way and be glad that they’re not hauling me off as the real criminal for publishing interesting articles that tempt others to steal them.

But… just a minute! Isn’t that a website that has actually included my name as the author? And included a link to my picture and website as well? Well, now. Isn’t that nice of someone, to be so kind! Funny how abiding by the rules we’re all supposed to be following is the new supernatural, worthy of reverence usually reserved for the divine or the immortal.

Are we so jaded that merely obeying the law of the land has been elevated to an act of sainthood, and deserving of the grand prize awarded only to superhumans? I guess it follows then that telling the truth, showing respect, offering help and being fair are also beyond expectation for normal individuals, and anyone exhibiting such behavior should be honored with recognition as one of today’s superheroes. Never mind that many religions teach “Thou shalt not steal”; in fact, raised as a Catholic, I was taught not to even “covet” my neighbor’s goods, let alone go so far as to steal them. It was wrong to even “lust” after them, to use a term made famous (or would it be “infamous”?) by Jimmy Carter in a Playboy interview back in 1976. And certainly in civil law, everyone knows it is a punishable offense to take something that doesn’t belong to you. But this is more than that. It is not only taking it, but gaining glory from it as well! And in some instances, it is even gaining revenue from it because of advertising that appears as a result of its saleability and magnetic appeal, drawing cybertraffic to fulfill promised ad viewership. That should fall under a more grievous category and worthy of an even bigger punishment.

And if I were inclined to contact a copyright lawyer, I would be advised of my many rights in such a case. I would also be informed that I would be responsible for payment to the lawyer to represent me whether he was successful in apprehending the guilty party or not. Another case of divine justice gone bad. My rights are violated and I pay as a result. No pain, no gain, right? The pain being my shock and awe at having been so flagrantly ripped off; my outrage at having someone else impersonate me as the author; and my disgust at needing to pay a lawyer to defend my rights. The gain? Obviously all in the thief’s court, so to speak.

The Roles And Duties Of The Arson Investigator In The Criminal Justice Field

An arson investigator has a very important and challenging job. This person is directly involved with investigating fires at different locations such as houses, businesses, buildings and other facilities. Whenever there is a fire, I guarantee that an investigator will be there at the scene.

The arson investigator always begins the fire investigation as soon as the fire is put out. If you are considering becoming an arson investigator in the criminal justice field, there are a few mandatory roles and duties that you will have to perform.

The investigator’s primary duty is to thoroughly investigate the fire. He or she must locate the origin of the fire and determine how it started. The investigator must decide if the fire was an accident or if someone set the fire intentionally. If the fire was an accident, no criminal charges are filed. However, if the fire was set intentionally, then the investigator will have to continue with the investigation in order to figure out who started the fire.

The arson investigator gathers enough evidence to build a solid case for the law enforcement team. He or she searches the entire fire scene for anything that looks suspicious. He or she looks for trace evidence such as gas cans, flammable liquids and lighter fluid containers. These types of items suggest that the fire was planned.

The investigator collects all relevant evidence and submits it to a lab. The lab technicians and other lab workers analyze the evidence and looks for data that supports the case. The lab technicians search for fingerprints and DNA on items and identifies specific chemicals or other substances used to set the fire.

The arson investigator also questions the family members and friends of the property owner who lost his home, business or other facility in the fire. She or he asks specific questions that may help prove that the owner had a motive for starting the fire. In addition, the investigator also questions the family and friends of any additional suspects for the fire.

The investigator may choose to use a camera or other video equipment at the fire scene for investigation purposes. Photos and video samples can be very beneficial to the case.

The arson investigator prepares a comprehensive written report for the law enforcement team and for the property owner. The property owner submits a copy of the report to the insurance company. The report includes all information related to the fire, such as the date, time and location, evidence, photos, suspects, witnesses, injuries, etc. It might take anywhere from several days to several weeks or even months, to compete the investigation and to prepare the report.

He or she will work closely with law enforcement to help indict, arrest, and prosecute the person who set the fire. This is a very serious crime and therefore, the law enforcement team will prosecute the guilty person. Charges will be brought against the arsonist and the arson investigator will normally have to be present in court and testify at the trial.

As you can see, the arson investigator plays very important roles in the criminal justice field. He or she performs many important duties to assist law enforcement with their fire investigation cases. If you are interested in this career, I ask that you to do more research on the internet. There are websites that cover the career in more detail. It would a good idea for you to visit these sites.

Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the links should be clickable.

Staying Away From the US Department of Justice Virus

Department of Justice Virus is one of the latest threats from Ukash virus group that try to attack people living in the United States of America. This threat belongs to the category of ransomware, so it is designed to get inside the system secretly and then try to rip users off. Just like other related viruses such as the money pack virus – it creates lots of troubles for its victims by locking the system down. This results is complete system’s take over – user becomes incapable to get on the Internet, launch legitimate anti-malware programs or do other things on his PC. He only sees a forged Department of Justice Virus alert, which states that user is caught doing illegal activities on his computer. Before you fall for this alert, you must note that such organizations as Department of Justice do NOT collect their fines in such way. You must remove Department of Justice Virus immediately!

This scam is designed to use the same ways intrussion as all previous Ukash viruses: it uses spam emails, freeware, shareware and other sources to come inside undetected. Once there, it locks the system down and shows its only message, claiming that Windows system has been blocked because you have been using copyrighted content, visiting pornographic websites or even spreading malware. For that, now you have to make a payment of $200 using the Moneypak prepayment system. Here’s how this message looks like:

Your computer has been locked!

This operating system is locked due to the violation of the federal laws of the United States of America (Article: 1, Section 8, Clause 8; Article 202; Article 2012 of the criminal code of the U.S.A. Provides for the deprivation of liberty for four to twelve years.)

Following violations detected:

Your IP address was used to visit websites containing pornopraphy, child pornography, zoophillia and child abuse. Your computer also contains video files with pornographic content, elements of violence and child pornography!

(… )

You have 72 hours to pay the fine, otherwise you will be arrested.

(… )

No matter how trustworthy it seems, you must ignore this alert because it has nothing to do with Department of Justice. If you pay this $100 or $300 fine, you won’t have your computer unlocked and you will lose your money as well. In order to avid that, you should remove Department of Justice Virus as soon as possible.


In order to remove Department of Justice virus, you should try following this information. It includes different methids that MAY work in this virus removal. Remember that manual removal methid can be used only if you have enough nowledge about computer’s system and its architecture:

* Users infected with Department of Justice virus are allowed to access other accounts on their Windows systems. If one of such accounts has administrator rights, you should be capable to launch anti-malware program.

* Try to deny the Flash to make your ransomware stop function as intended. In order to disable the Flash, go to Macromedia support and select ‘Deny’:

* Flash drive method:

  1. Take another machine and use it to download Spy Hunter or other reputable anti-malware program.
  2. Update the program and put into the USB drive or simple CD.
  3. In the meanwhile, reboot your infected machine to Safe Mode with command prompt and stick USB drive in it.
  4. Reboot computer infected with Department of Justice virus once more and run a full system scan with updated anti-malware program.

* Manual Department of Justice removal (special skills needed!):

  1. Open Windows Start Menu, enter %appdata% into the search field, click Enter.
  2. Go to: Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  3. Remove ctfmon (don’t mix it with ctfmon.exe!).
  4. Open Windows Start Menu, enter %userprofile% into the search field, click Enter.
  5. Go to Appdata\Local\Temp and remove rool0_pk.exeDelete [random characters].mof file
  6. Delete V.class
  7. Run a full system scan with updated spy hunter program to remove remaining Department of Justice virus files.

UPDATE: There is a new Ukash virus, which uses the logo of the Department of Justice. This threat now says ‘ Your Computer Has Been Blocked’ The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of the violation of the law of the United States of America”. Similarly to the previous version of the Department of Justice virus, this ransomware shows a list of laws, that have been violated, and asks to pay the fine of $300 using MoneyPak prepayment system. Besides, it speaks to the victim!

The Roles and Duties of the Air Marshal in the Criminal Justice Field

The job of an Air Marshal is exciting and dangerous. It is not a job for those who are weak at the heart. If you are one of those who is forever bitten with wanderlust and want to see new destinations every day then this job is for you.

However, first let us understand the roles and responsibilities of an Air Marshal in the criminal justice field. The job of an Air Marshal is to take care of the law enforcement aspect of flying. The main responsibility of an Air Marshall is that they need to protect the crew and passengers from terrorist attacks.

Below are the basic rules and responsibilities of the Air Marshal:

1. Air Marshals needs to be able to masquerade as normal travelers and blend in with the crowd. This will enable them to take the terrorists by surprise lest there is an air attack.

2. In case of some emergencies or situations, Air Marshals can also carry arms on the plane and make arrests without a warrant. This will also need discretion and a logical analytical mind and keep cool in times of problems.

3. Air Marshals need to be detached from their families and friends at the time of their duty. Hence, they should keep minimum contact with their family. An Air Marshal can be assigned to duty in any part of the world and at any time.

4. Perhaps one of the most important qualities of an Air Marshal is that he should be an excellent shot. He should be able to take on the terrorists without harming the passengers or the aircraft. The Air marshals have access to some of the most sophisticated equipment and are some of the greatest shooters in their field.

5. The job of an Air Marshal is highly stressful and demanding. There are times when he or she might not be able to see his country or his people for ages. Hence, he should be able maintain his calm and composure in all situations.

6. The position of an Air Marshal requires people with exceptional judgment. He or she should be able to judge and summarize the situation and take appropriate action. His judgment capability is also required to thwart and foil terrorist attacks.

7. The Air Marshal needs to be in excellent shape. Since this position requires days of traveling and a vigilant eye, it is important that the Air Marshal should be in excellent physical shape.

8. Another important qualification for the position of an Air Marshal is that she should have great communication skills. Since Air Marshals need to take charge of the situation all the time, they should be great leaders and motivators. It’s also important for him to be a great negotiator and convincer in the times of stress or attacks.

The position of an Air Marshal requires excellent shape and form. This job requires an individual with a sharp eye and a good shot. It is a great paying job and involves a lot of travel. So, if you are an adventure enthusiast and love living on the edge, this is the job for you!

Before you run out and start looking for Air Marshal job, I encourage you to do more research on this career. You can do so by visiting websites which cover the profession in more detail.

Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the links should be clickable.